Tutor FAQs


How do I become a tutor?
To become a tutor:

  1. Submit your application (found under Become a Tutor in the Get Involved tab)

  2. Take our online assessment

  3. Complete your background check

You will only advance in the process should you meet our tutor requirements.



What are the requirements to become a tutor?
TutorChatLive tutors must:

-Complete the tutor application and online assessment
-Pass a background check with no criminal background
-Be a full-time high school or full-time college student, or have completed a Bachelor’s degree or beyond
-Use correct English grammar and spelling and have excellent communication skills
-Demonstrate proficiency in the academic subject areas of interest
-Be available to tutor at least two hours every week
-Love helping others
-Have working knowledge of basic computer applications



Why should I become a tutor?
TutorChatLive tutors form a community of civic-minded individuals who actively demonstrate their passion of helping low income students succeed academically. Our tutors benefit from the flexibility our site offers, as they can volunteer at any time and from any location. Our site also allows tutors to quantify and track their impact, as we provide tutors with statistics from their engagement on our site and student feedback. Further, tutors receive points for their activity on our site. These points accumulate to help move tutors up our tier system, which offers different rewards.



Do tutors receive compensation?
There is no monetary compensation for tutoring with TutorChatLive and tutors serve on a volunteer basis. However, tutors may receive community service hours: the parent company Tutor Chat Live Foundation, Inc., is an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and as such, is certified to award community service hours to students across the United States. TutorChatLive tracks the time a tutor spends tutoring students and awards one community service hour for every hour that a tutor volunteers either via our chat platform, our forum, or posting practice problems. Additionally, tutors receive benefits by classifying into one of our tutor tiers.



What subjects may I tutor in?
TutorChatLive offers a variety of specific subjects that our tutors can teach. Tutors may edit their subject selections at any time via their accounts. We trust that our tutors will select areas in which they are proficient. Below are the options we offer:

Algebra I
Algebra II
Advanced Calculus


English/Language Arts
Analysis & Interpretation

Social Studies
World History
American History
European History
Art History


Computer Science



When can I tutor?
Tutors have the convenience of selecting their hours. Whether it is at 1 am on a Wednesday night, or at 3pm on Saturdays, you choose when to give back! You should strive to tutor as much possible. Although we understand our tutors have hectic lives, we require them to volunteer at least 2 hours per week. These hours can be split in any way that a tutor sees fit.



Where does the tutoring take place?
Our chat platform serves as the primary medium through which tutors help students. Chat windows facilitate communication through tutoring-friendly features, such as a virtual whiteboard and an essay editor. Tutors can further contribute by posting practice problems and answers on our Practice Problems page and by answering to students’ questions on our Forum.



What other services does TutorChatLive.org offer?
Beyond tutoring, TutorChatLive.org offers other services that encourage interaction among our users and community involvement. Check out our Forum, Practice Problems, and blog to benefit from our site’s complete experience.



What should I do if, during a chat session, the conversation strays from academics?
The purpose of the tutoring interface is to assist in academic learning, not to communicate socially.  This is not to say that you can’t be cordial with your exchanges, but please focus on academics.  If a student begins to talk about his or home life or any topic other than academics, remind him or her that you are only authorized to consult on academic issues. You are not a social worker and it would not be fair to anyone for you to act like one.  Should you feel like the situation warrants a further investigation, please copy and paste the chat conversation and send it to a site administrator along with a note of your concerns.



What should I do if the student or tutor does something inappropriate?
We do our best to promote a safe and professional atmosphere at TutorChatLive.  If one of your students should do something inappropriate, warn the student that such actions are unacceptable and try to bring the focus back to academics.  Should the inappropriate activity continue, inform the student that you will report him or her to a site administrator, and then end the chat session.  We do not want our tutors to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.  All of our tutors go through a rigorous screening process and background check to ensure that they are qualified and respectful, but in the off chance that a tutor should get out of hand, students are advised to immediately end the chat sessions and contact a site administrator.  To date, no problems have arisen.



What should I do if I do not know how to help a student?
As always, the best policy is honesty.  It won’t be helpful to anyone to pretend that you know something when you don’t.  We are all people, and no one is perfect.  Our students will understand that.  You can advise the student to seek another tutor or you can inform him or her about other resources on the website, such as the Forum.  Alternatively, you can direct the student to potentially helpful online resources or assist with basic problem solving skills.  If you just need to refresh your memory, inform the student to wait a moment while you look online to remind yourself of the material.



What if I make a mistake when tutoring someone?
It happens.  Do the best you can to provide accurate information but do not let the fear of making a mistake get in the way of tutoring.  Students know that the tutors are not infallible and are always encouraged to confirm lessons with other resources.



I believe strongly in this organization’s mission statement; how can I further help TutorChatLive achieve its goals?
We believe very strongly in TutorChatLive, and we think it’s awesome that you do too!  Besides tutoring and posting on our forum, there are other great ways for you to help our organization:
-Donation  = we know, we know… but seriously it helps!
-Join our administrative team = Requirements: great work ethic and insatiable desire to help others.  Coding and computer programming is helpful, but not required. Email Diana at dkattan@tutorchatlive.org for more information.
-Recruit other tutors = Direct your friends and family to our tutor application



Can I be a tutor and a student?
Yes, just make sure to make a student account independently using a different email address than the one you used for your tutor application. Your tutor account is created by site administrators once you have completed all steps required to become a tutor and have been accepted.



What is the tutor tier system and how does it work?
Our tutor tier system is the way in which we motivate tutors to go above and beyond. Tutors receive points for different volunteering activity metrics (e.g. the amount of time they serve, the number of students they help, the number of questions they answer on our forum, the number of practice problems they post).  The more points tutors get, the higher they are ranked.  Rankings indicate how much you have devoted to helping others and could be something you mention on a CV.  We reward tutors for both quantity and quality of tutoring.



Do you keep track of my tutoring hours and can you provide verification for the purpose of applications.
Yes, please email your contact person at TutorChatLive to request this information.